The California Latino Water Coalition Foundation

One of the California Latino Water Coalition’s most important ongoing activities is centered on the work of its Foundation.

The California Latino Water Coalition Foundation engages in and supports education and research relative to protecting and enhancing California’s natural resources and associated infrastructure. The Coalition’s different activities include public outreach presentations to Californians and elected or other public officials about water, energy and environmental issues. Many public forums have been organized, promoted and produced by the Foundation in different parts of the state. Foundation members frequently make informational presentations to organizations, and engage in public meetings.

Another key Foundation activity continues to be generation of educational materials for use by the public as well as students and faculty in California’s schools and colleges. These efforts are carried out by volunteers and are supported by public donations.

The Foundation is also pleased to offer an educational and scholarship program. The Foundation has made available funds to California State University, Fresno, to support deserving and academically qualified students. Candidate recipients must be working toward completion of a baccalaureate degree and be designated as a participant in the University Migrant Services Program or the Educational Opportunity Program. Recipients will be a first generation college student, and a child of a farm worker. It is hoped this effort to further enhance higher education will lead scholarship recipients to study scientific, math and policy fields of natural resources and policy.